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Chronic Disease Management

A team of GPs work together to map out a unique plan to help patients manage their chronic disease. This can be done through lifestyle and health management, psychological assistance and medication. Some of the major chronic diseases we assist with include heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.

Our Chronic Disease Management Program has led to patients realizing significant improvements in their condition. Some have significantly reduced their need for medication and others have completely eliminated the need to be medicated. The improvements in diagnostic results from patients have been remarkable.

One aspect of our Chronic Disease Management service is to educate the public about chronic diseases and prevention tips to avoid a chronic disease.

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Medical Concierge Services

In keeping with the need for improved access to medical care on an as needs basis, rather than a basis of availability, we have put together the most comprehensive Medical Concierge Service in the region. Our service is patient-centric and affords our clients with 24hr access to primary care, medical advice and other key medical services.

  • Primary Care
  • Physician visits to your House and Office
  • Treatment of acute and chronic illness
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Priority Appointments (Primary and Specialist care)
  • E-consultations and Telemedicine- Access to physicians via phone and e-mail
  • Patient Navigation- A professional walks side by side with a patient through doctor’s office visits, treatments and any other requested medically related process to ensure the right questions are asked and all options are explored and properly explained. A professional is there to remember key details from a doctor’s office, as it is often difficult for patients and family members to remember details during difficult medical situations.
  • Priority direct access to Physician
  • Prescription refill reminder
  • Emergency Pre-Planning
  • International Medical Case Coordination

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Global AHMS has a team of experienced professionals to coach persons in making needed lifestyle changes to prevent or manage potentially life-threatening chronic diseases. The impact on work productivity, medical costs, and general life’s activities is proven to be extensive. Our team will work to ensure these impacts are minimized.

  • Regular monitoring of vital indicators (highly reduced rates for follow up appointments)
  • Personalized Patient and family education appointments
  • Medication reminders and use monitoring
  • Easy access to regular medication
  • Referral to our Health and Lifestyle Coaching programs
  • Prevention has always been said and proven to be the best cure. The Global AHMS team works closely with clients to ensure that they achieve their health goals through improved lifestyles thereby minimizing medical needs.
  • Nutritional Planning and Monitoring (Recipe and Cooking Guidance)
  • Genetically Based Exercise Programs (tailored to all body types and fitness levels)
  • Counselling
  • Personal exercise trainers


Global AHMS works closely with Dermatologist, Dr. Naomi Dolly. Together, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve and maintain their healthiest skin potential. In addition to treating the “bread and butter” of dermatology, Dr. Dolly takes special interest in patients with connective tissue diseases and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Dr. Dolly provides the latest breakthroughs in medical treatments, and cosmetic procedures to help provide the most advanced treatment options our patients.

  • Consultation and assessment of skin, hair and nails
  • Recommendation of treatment plan and assistance with instituting this plan
  • Follow up either in person or with the use of tele-dermatology services
  • Common dermatology conditions encountered by most dermatologists: acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, urticaria, contact dermatitis and disorders of skin pigmentation
  • More complex conditions treated, cutaneous, Lupus, Erythematosus, Dermatomyositis, Scleroderma, Morphea, cutaneoua T- cell Lymphoma and Pemphigus
  • Anti-ageing therapies include chemical peels, neurotoxin (e.g Botox and Dysport), and dermal fillers (e.g Juvaderm and Voluma)
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Diplomatic and Expatriate Specialized Services

We offer specially tailored combinations of our services to diplomats and expatriate workers. Our team liaises with local and foreign medical personnel to ensure that clients’ medical records are kept up to date both locally and in their country of origin.

We facilitate the maintenance of a health and medical regime in line with the needs and desires of our clients at a standard equal to or surpassing internationally accepted standards. Our current client base includes holders of high offices locally and internationally.

Emergency Support Services

Our expansive network and readily accessible resources ensure that emergency situations are handled in the most efficient manner.

  • Pre-mapped emergency plans for high risk individuals to increase rate and effectiveness of treatment as well as survival
  • Records are made available on very short notice in emergency cases
  • Air-ambulance services are available with very quick responses
  • Specialist network

Medical Records Management

One of the most challenging elements of the patient care process is gaining access to a full and up to date record of a patient’s medical history. This is particularly challenging in cases of specialty care or an emergency. Family medical history is also a key clinical diagnostic tool when managing a patient’s care. These are all made significantly more difficult when accurate medical records are difficult or impossible to acquire.

Our medical Records Management Service ensures that our clients have full and immediate access to their medical records in cases of emergency or the need to share them with another physician or medical institution.

  • 24HR access to Medical Records
  • Electronic sharing of records upon request by Patient

Medical Cost Management

With very little oversight and control currently existing in the local medical industry, it is prudent to have diligent review of medical case management and the associated cost. Global AHMS offers full and detailed medical cost management services. Some of the key offerings are as follows:-

  • Second Opinion (Patient, Physician, and institution names remain confidential to maintain impartial review)
  • Case Review
  • Opinion for treatment leading to optimal balance of high quality and affordable cost
  • Preferred Network Rates

Women’s Health

Women need to be actively involved and aware of their health care in order to maintain good health, from adolescence to mature age.

From polycystic ovary syndrome to eating disorders, we deal with a wide range of issues specific to women. We give special attention to each woman’s concerns and help you to see the symptoms and causes of disorders you may be experiencing. We even assist in ante-natal and post-natal care.

Our team of Doctors is trained to administer healthcare procedures specific to the needs of women and when requested these services are provided by female Doctors.

Dental Services

Our dental team has a vision built on dental holism, which is the belief that the interaction of all dental components must be viewed and treated as a whole and not independently.

Our dentists believe in educating to prevent dental issues and are also equipped to provide you with the best solutions for you dental health care needs.

Our Dental team provides the full scope of dental services including:

  • General Dentistry
  • Implants
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening and more

General Practitioner Services and Pediatrics

Our GPs deal with a range of health problems while educating the public at a primary health care level.

Additionally, because our alliance is well- knit together with a range of different medical specialists and professionals, our GPs are always equipped to advise where to go if more serious treatment is required.

Our team of General Practitioners lead medical teams to coordinate all medical care of patients with specialists, institutions, diagnostic laboratories and other key professionals facilitating the team approach to patient care.

We also have paediatricians present to deal with health care at the primary level. We are concerned with your child’s physical well-being  and we advise for the prevention, early detection, and management of other problems that affect children and adolescents.

Full Medicals

Our full medicals are available to anyone who wants to do a thorough check-up. We also provide Executive, Pre-Employment and Annual medicals.

The purpose of these medicals is to help the patient understand their health, to evaluate the patient’s health in order to prevent disease in the future and to discuss health changes that can significantly improve the patient’s health at present.

Full medicals include a wide range of tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, ECG, Personalised written report of main findings and recommendations, breast examination (females only) and pelvic examination and smear (females only).

You can contact us to find out more about our full medical packages and the processes done.


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