Is surgery abroad cheaper than Trinidad and Tobago?

There are several surgical procedures available at a lower cost internationally. Additionally, some more technically advanced procedures like laproscopic surgeries are comparable and sometimes cost less.

Do I have to tell my doctor that I'm looking for a second opinion?

Your medical information is only shared with the persons you want us to share it with. We maintain strict confidentiality.

What if I don't have access to my medical records?

You can schedule an appointment with one of our local physicians who will sit with you to get as much information from you regarding your medical history. They will also, with your consent, communicate with institutions to retrieve additional information.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Insurance companies cover all medical procedures access through us based on individual coverage. Some companies cover 100% of our service charges because of the amount of money usually saved by using our services.

Who is liable for the outcome of medical procedures and or refunds for any services?

Global AHMS gives access to medical services and though our medical service providers are handpicked, and have a long history of excellence, all medical liabilities reside with the medical providers. Global AHMS reserves the right to issue full or partial refunds but only for service or administrative charges.

How soon after I send in my diagnosis can I expect a response?

In emergency cases, responses are given in very short notice (within hours) and with non emergency cases, 48 hours. However, this is the dependent on how complicated the medical condition is and the availability of medical records.

How can I adequately maintain my medical records in the event that I need your services?

We can set up an appointment with one of our physicians to do a basic examination and compilation of your medical history and work with you to ensure that as you continue to see your doctors, that your medical records are regularly updated.

If I choose to go to a Latin American country instead of the U.S. is there a language barrier?

No. Global AHMS provides medical liasons in all countries. In countries that speak a different language, our liasons are multi-lingual and accompany you for all appointments and other major engagements throughout your entire stay.

What if I don't have my VISA?

Global AHMS and the medical institution to which you are being referred, will issue correspondence to you for submission to the relevant embassy, verifying your need for travel and where necessary, indications of financial compliance.

What Information Can Be Found In My Health Records?

Many more people than you would ever want, including people outside the health care industry.
Insurance companies
Government agencies especially if you receive Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, SSI, Workers Comp or any local, state or federal assistance
Banks, Financial Institutions
If you are involved in a court case, your health records can be subpoenaed and available to the public
Drug companies
Data miners
Transcribers in and outside the U.S.
Many health websites collect information about you

What options are there if my insurance company won't comply?

Global AHMS has relationships with financial institutions to assist you in accessing financing for your medical needs if necessary.

If I have to be admitted to a local medical institution, how does Global AHMS help me?

Through our local network, our physicians who span most medical institutions, are able to assist in the medical process. We ensure that one of our preferred physician/medical providers is up to date and when necessary, capable of intervening in your medical case for your benefit.
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